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How many rounds before you carry..

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Just watching Shooting USA and many of the professionals say they put a couple thousand rounds through a gun before feeling that it's safe to carry.

How many rounds do you put through your gun before feeling that it's ready for an EDC ???

Even though I bought my Shield to carry in the summer time, I still have not carried it even though I have about 500 rounds in it without a single fte/ftf.
I still pack either of my PCII's or old faithful which is my Ruger snub nose..
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500 rounds for me also. I agree with walking man about testing such as limp wristing etc.
On my solo my last 100 rounds were just blasting away as quickly as I could with 12 mags of 6 & 8 rounds. If it could hold up under that with build up of heat and rapid fire plus 400 previous rounds, I felt she was ready.
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