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There always seems like a few people don't know how to post photos with their post, here's how I do it.

First you need somewhere to host your photos. I use Picasa Web Albums from google because it's free. You could also use the albums that are found on your Profile here.

Second you then need to upload the photos you want to share from your computer to the photo sharing album you choose.

Third you right click on the photo you want to post to the forum thread and pick Copy imagine URL.

Forth on the post you want to add a photo, you then click on the Post imagine icon in the message bar.

and a box will pop up. Right click in that box and paste the URL you copied from step #3

This should get photos on your posts. Is there a better way you know of? If so please share with us here. If you need anymore assistance just IM me and I'll try to help you out.

Mods, if this info is in the wrong place or not wanted. Then please move or delete this post.
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