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Recently got back from Clearwater Florida on a re-charge 4 day vacation over Columbus day weekend, and yes it's "Columbus Day" not indigenous peoples day.

Waiter at hotel mentioned a place about 30 minutes south of us called Johns Pass. Went one morning and fast forward there was a beef jerkey joint amongst all the touristy chachki shops. Picked up a bag of prime rib flavor jerky seasoning as well as a few dried delicious goodies.

As God must have looked down in favor of me when we returned home the local grocery store had beef eye of round for $1.99/lb. AHHHH!

I marinated for 2 days, and dried. Decided to cold smoke 1/2 of the dried beef for 4 hours with Hickory pellets.

The other half of the batch was just dried and still delicious. I think a little smoke will enhance my snacking experience. My dehydrator can only handle about 2.5Lbs at a time and trimmed the roast was about 5.5 lbs.
Wood Water Building Gas Road surface

It's about 40 degrees here in Chiraq to do a true cold smoke. No clue if smoking dried jerky will work but what the hell, let's give it a go.
Wood Water Building Gas Road surface
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I used to live on Indian Rocks Beach, and would take my boat to John's Pass for beers at Gators bar and grill, and spend weekends at Shepard's in Clearwater.
That whole beach from Clearwater to Sunset point was alot of fun back then.
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