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Recently got back from Clearwater Florida on a re-charge 4 day vacation over Columbus day weekend, and yes it's "Columbus Day" not indigenous peoples day.

Waiter at hotel mentioned a place about 30 minutes south of us called Johns Pass. Went one morning and fast forward there was a beef jerkey joint amongst all the touristy chachki shops. Picked up a bag of prime rib flavor jerky seasoning as well as a few dried delicious goodies.

As God must have looked down in favor of me when we returned home the local grocery store had beef eye of round for $1.99/lb. AHHHH!

I marinated for 2 days, and dried. Decided to cold smoke 1/2 of the dried beef for 4 hours with Hickory pellets.

The other half of the batch was just dried and still delicious. I think a little smoke will enhance my snacking experience. My dehydrator can only handle about 2.5Lbs at a time and trimmed the roast was about 5.5 lbs.
Wood Water Building Gas Road surface

It's about 40 degrees here in Chiraq to do a true cold smoke. No clue if smoking dried jerky will work but what the hell, let's give it a go.
Wood Water Building Gas Road surface
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The 1979 Guns and Ammo annual had what I considered the perfect marinate for venison. Smoked about 3 lbs and my wife ate most of it AND she dislikes venison. I lost the recipe and haven't found one to match it since.
Maybe an email to G&A will get the recipe back. Some mags used to let you buy past issues.
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