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Just got a used Ultra II with laser grip

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While visiting a friend who works in the Gmountain gun ring on Saturday, I prowled the used section and found a most excellent .45 Ultra II with laser grips for $850. Bought it on the spot.
Sold by Gmountain in 2010 and seemingly never fired. I'm delighted.
My lady has quite a Kimber collection, including a U2 laser, which I've shot at the range. Very nice. And much lighter in the hand than the Sig Ultra, which I also own. The Kimber has a nice checkered back strap as well, which is more user friendly than the Sig.
It's not like I need anymore guns - and I am trying to migrate to 9 mm all the time. But the u2 is beautiful with the black slide and rosewood grips.
I'll post some comparison pix next to my Sig.
But not probably until after Turkey day. Maybe I'll do a side-by-side shoot out on Saturday and post the results with the pix.
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My Ultra II was my first Kimber. I couldn't be happier. Enjoy it. It might just pull you away from the Sig
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