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Just joined today to learn about Kimbers

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Hello, I'm not an owner yet but this will change on Friday. I've had a deposit to hold a Gold Match II since early November. We have a one handgun per month limit and we have to apply to the police for each handgun permit. I put in for two and after waiting for 6 weeks they came in. Picked up the other pistol first (Chiappa White Rhino-5" barrel .357 mag), now it's time to get the second and most anticipated.

Haven't owned a 1911 since early 2000s. I had a SS Springfield Champion that was a piece of garbage right out of the box. Sent it to the gunsmith for reliability issues that were not corrected and I lost patience. Traded it towards an HK USP and have been very happy with the decision. Picked up an FNP-45 in 2007.

Looking forward to learning everything I can about the Kimber. I like to upgrade things when I can, such as springs, sights and grips.

Sorry for the long story...thanks for having me!!
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welcome from Florida just follow the break-in on your Kimber and you will love it
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