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kimber 1911 troubles

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For those having issues with their 1911, look up a YouTube video by " nothingfancy".
He has one titled kimber 1911 troubles where a pro shooter has extraction issues. He uses several top brand mags and finally decided it may be a recoil spring issue.
Certainly worth looking at to see if it's the same as your problem.

I came back in to edit. The authors name is "nutnfancy".
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I just go by why I see and hear. Man says he's off to do some tactical training, I accept that. There are lots of different kinds of pro shooters. Competition is not the only way. The man says he has had and used the gun for over 5 years, taking him at his word, he probably has a fair understanding of that particular weapon.
I posted it so those that are having problems might look at a possible method of analyzing the issue. Personally, I think if a gun can't handle a variety of quality mags, the gun has issues.
I don't know when the video was made but it may not have been an old model at the time.
If it offers no help, oh well. Call it a stoppage clearance demo.
I didn't consider it slamming. But I do think you sold it a bit short. I took it as a demo of eliminating the possibility of the issue being the mags. Something most anyone can do. I think he did that. In fact, he probably overkilled the point. Since I haven't been able to find a follow up, he may never have cleared the issue.
I think we can agree the issue is more along the lines of the extractor. With the possibility of the recoil spring having weakened and thus adding to the problem. Whatever the issue, it isn't the magazine(s) and he showed one way to determine that.
Either way, Mike, it's all good.
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