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Kimber 82 .218 Bee

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Anyone ever seen the Kimber 82 in .218 Bee. I have access to one but can find little information on them. Everything I have found is for the .22 LR or the .22 Hornet. The rifle is in perfect shape with only a couple of handling marks on the forearm. Any information as to Price or collect-ability would be appreciated.
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Have a 218 bee with original box, target etc. Think the target was dated 1983 or 1986? Varmits nightmare!
If regular varmint bullets in the 50 gr range are intended out to 250 yards or so I would look for 12 inch twist and build up a nice rifle and see. Barrel can be about as long or short as you like, no need for over 24 inches though. Bet it would be a good shooter
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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