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Kimber Baby

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Ok, so my daughter probably won't go for "Kimber" as a name for her daughter, but I am, at the moment, at the hospital and my daughter is in labor with our first grandchild — a girl.

When I logged onto the hospital wifi and came here, this site was blocked! I got a message saying I was in violation of the internet policy since I was on a site in the category "weapons." Ain't that a crock. If anyone here has ever been shot by a web site, I'll apologize.

So, I switched off wifi and went to 3G....and here I am. Illegally. Waiting for baby Kimber. :p
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Congrats to you and your family. Hope the delivery is smooth and stress free! And you know what they say, we don't believe anything unless we see PICS!:)
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Was your Grand Child born yet?
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