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Kimber Conversion Kit

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Last month I purchased my Kimber Pro CDP II and also the conversion kit together. Shot the conversion on three separate times. First it's fun to shoot and is good for someone who has never shot before. Anyway, had a few FTE and FTL but the gun is not broke in. Used CCI Blazer 40 grain high velocity bullets; can’t find any CCI Mini Mags.

The FTL caused dry fires. While cleaning the gun I noticed the firing pin had left an indentation in the top of barrel. With just my naked eye it appears the indentation had rolled a little burr in the inside of barrel. Picked up the empty casings, there is a small mark on each casing that shows a small grove next to the area the firing pin hits. Has anyone had the same experience?
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Anyone have updated thoughts on the Kimber conversion kit?
I am going to go out on a limb here and say the "kits" are kind of scarce. At least around here, I think I have only seen maybe two for sale, one at a local gun shop and one at a gun show. Both were priced higher than I was willing to pay. Those were both the full size kits. So they would not work on my Ultra anyway.
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