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Kimber's Service People

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Below is a copy of a letter I sent Kimber today. There is a reason they are the best.

To Whom It Concerns:

Today I had the pleasure of dealing with Kristopher Gilfeather. I inherited one of your fine firearms from my Father when he passed away. It was an Ultra Elite from your custom shop. Unfortunately I did not have a manual for the firearm and could not find one online for that model. Kristopher told me he would send me one right away and that there was no charge and it would go out today. Much later that day around 3:45pm I called back because I discovered that to take apart the weapon I needed at least 1 of 2 tools you show on your website. He explained I only needed the pin and did not try to sell me the other tool I did not need. I explained that the price was fine for the 5 pins online but it would almost cost $10.00 for shipping. I called hoping I could buy the pins from whoever answered and ask them to put it in the same envelope as the manual to save on the shipping. I figured I was out of luck and that it was already sent out with the mail. When I called back Kristopher answered the phone again and I did not really notice it was him. I explained my situation and what I wanted to do because I have a broken foot and cannot work for 2 months and money is beyond tight. I am a G.C. and home inspector and of course the injury happened at home and not on the job, hanging Christmas Lights. Kristopher informed me that he remembered me and that he had included a pin with the manual along with a catalog I requested. Not only did he really help me out by keeping me from spending $16+ on my gun just so I could clean it he thought ahead and knew I would need the pin and sent one along free of charge. Service like that these days is almost nonexistent and to do what he did for a guy who did not even buy the gun but inherited it is amazing. Not only do you all make the finest pistols I have ever shot but you also have the best service people in the business. Please pass this on to the higher ups in the company because Kristopher really deserves a pat on the back for taking such good care of me. Thanks again and I will be a customer for life and tell all those who will listen the type of service you all have provided me.

Thank You,
Mike Meeker
South Florida
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Good job of giving the employee props. Its probably just human nature to gripe when things don't go well but often we don't say enough when we get the service or response we expect. So good job again for taking the time to recognize the employee - sounds like Kimber's service matches their manufacturing quality.
well, I got my Solo back to factory for the 5th trip,
hope I am able to write a letter of praise on this trip also..

5 trips

first solo , sent back 3 times , on the 3rd trip back , Kimber sent a different new solo to me ( and I had to pay for the background check )
this second solo is on it's 2nd trip back to Kimber .

the problem I am having is the gun does not go bang..

failure to fire ,,

really like the Solo, and hope Kimber can get it right this time ...
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Wow. To have two seperate Solos not work seems odd. Could it be the ammo by any chance?
Wow. To have two seperate Solos not work seems odd. Could it be the ammo by any chance?
unsure... have tried several of the Kimber recomended ammo..

the striker just does not hit the primer hard ( ? ) enuff to detonate .

the problems I have read about with the ammo is the FTE or FTF ,

when the gun does not go bang, it does not matter if it is 115 , 124 or 147 . that will only enter the picture if / after the bang. IMO

have put the same shells in an other hand gun , and it went bang.

contacted Kimber this week, was informed that the turn around is 4 to 6 weeks, I am 2 weeks into this return , will post the results ...
In another post I mentioned concerns about my new solo before I went to the range. It seems the concerns were not unfounded: almost impossible to chamber a round, multiple FTF and jams, several light strike fail to fire. Shot about 80 rounds of Winchester 147 gr JHP, Winchester 115 gr FMJ and Federal 115 gr FMJ. Called Kimber and was informed they do not consider winchester 147 gr as "premium ammo" and the turn around time on a returned gun is 5 to 7 weeks. Took it to a local gunsmith and he said the light strikes are not caused by the ammo. Have to admit I did not clean it before shooting but did field strip and it was remarkably clean. Wonder if this firearm was testd before being shipped? After all we aren't dealing with cell phones or widgets. When you pay the price that you have to pay for these guns you expect to get better performance. I'll try to find the "premium ammo"-not easy to find around here- and give it another shot (no pun intended), but it's going to have to perform a lot better before I have the confidence to carry it.
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Solo ammo

The Solo manual is specific about ammo. Mine will not feed 115 gr. either. Use the 135 gr and you should have zeo failures.
The Solo manual is specific about ammo. Mine will not feed 115 gr. either. Use the 135 gr and you should have zeo failures.
Right,I agree with you.:)
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