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We are a young growing forum with a large group of experienced Kimber owners. There is a lot of valuable information being passed around here and in order to take advantage of it in the future as we grow we need to catalog our threads better. It serves no purpose to have an excellent detailed thread on a subject if we can't find it six months after it's been posted.

We do this by tagging our posts, this gives the search engine some meat to work with. Just below the message box (that's the thing I'm writing this in) is a window with the word Tags over it.

Tags are limited to 25 characters so you have to put a little thought into them to make them useful. The tag refers to the subject of the thread not to the individual post, so in a thread with 5 posts all the tags will appear under the last post in the thread. I just recently started going into older threads and tagging them. Tags can be added to a thread or edited at any time.

An example of tagging would be the on going thread about night sights right now. Go to the bottom of it and you will see I have added the tags meprolight, night sights and tritium to the thread.

If you have any questions let's hear them.
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