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Let's Talk Laser Grips

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I don't have laser grips and have never shot with any. I'm curious how much they might help accuracy. If you have them do you like them? Would you put them on all of your guns? Do you use them on an EDC gun? Or for target only?
Would you consider them a must for a carry gun? Just something fun, but you could not see using them in a self defense situation?

One reason I ask is curiosity. The other is because I can see the target sharp but not my sights. I have to shoot with reading glasses if I want to see my sights. Which is what I do...then I look over the glasses to see where I hit. :( yeah.
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I got a Sig Sauer 1911 C3 last year that came with a set of Crimson Trace grips. I've shot the gun a number of times but have yet to turn on the laser grip.
I've kind of felt like I should learn to shoot using sights. I am tempted to put easier-to-see sights on my gun like tritium, or the red and green sights. Plus, I've only shot indoor so far and the indoor ranges are all dark except at certain distances. I don't really understand the purpose of shooting in a basically dark room with the target and not much else lit up.
Most home break in's and attacks occur at night, the purpose of learning to shoot in a diminished light situation is to help save your life.
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