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Magazine Edjimacation

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Looks like I need a magazine edjimacation here. I picked up an Ultra carry. What I was looking for was an 8rd magazine, preferably a flush mount or one with a small bump plate so I ordered Chip McCormick's 14132s which I thought would fit the bill. I just got them today and dry fit them. Not what I wanted.

This is what I got:

So my questions are these.
  • Is there such a thing as an 8rd magazine for an Officer's model or am I SOL?
  • Does anyone need a set of brandy new 8rd Compact magazines or have something like I am looking for they want to swap?

With my Pro Carry II I have Kimber ProTacs and am not a fan. They are hard to get into the gun with the 8rd loaded.

Any help is appreciated.
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Looks like someone needs to buy another Kimber to fit that mag.
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