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Magazine won't accept 6th round

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*Update* Magazine won't accept 6th round

Hello, new member and my first post. I picked up my Solo from my FFL dealer today and loaded the magazine and chambered a few rounds. I have not had a chance to shoot it yet, planning for this weekend.

I cannot get a 6th round into the magazine. It would only take five. What should I do to get it to loosen up? Anyone else see this? Any insight is appreciated!

I let the magazine sit for 24 hours with five rounds in it. Today I was able to add a sixth fairly easily. Good news, maybe knowing the spring is a little on the stiff side when new I had some extra "motivation." in any case, problem solved.
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Welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the forum. I had troubles initially. I have a magazine loader for my Beretta that I had to use to force the 6th round in. But it did loosen up after a few loads and letting sit loaded. The springs and loading were very difficult at first but it is fine now. I recommend a magazine loader. Really helps. Check at your range or anyone that sells sporting equipment in your area.
Right on the money!!
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