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Hey guys im very new to the kimber world and i have been looking at the master carry pro. i have talked to a lot of people who have "had them, know someone who has one ext..." i have been told that kimber does have a lot of problems. is this true or not I'm unsure can someone give me the ups and downs of owning a kimber? i took a quick look on the online manual after every 100-150 rounds shot they recommend you breaking it down and cleaning it. Let me start before anyone jumps all over that statement. Yes i clean my guns every time i use them a clean gun is a happy gun! but i do shoot a lot a the range and its not that uncommon for me to shoot 250-500 rounds in a night. would i have to break it down clean it and then shoot the next 100-150 before ripping it down again? also on the master carry pro do you have to have the hammer cocked all the time or can you put it on half cocked and be able to shoot it?

Thank you,

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