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Micro 380 v Competition

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I'm interested in carrying a "pocket pistol" and would like to hear your opinions about the Micro 380 and its competition, namely, the Sig P238, S&W Bodyguard 380, and Glock 42. Other comparable models are also welcome, but these are my top contenders. I'll have a separate thread for pocket 9s. Thank you!
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I just bought a little pocket 380. I chose the Kahr P380 because of its long-pull striker-fired action. Those on your list are not that, so they weren't on my list. It's met my expectations, and I'm really liking it.
if I ever went .380 I would get a beretta
I bought for the wife three micro 380s of the 1911 style. A Sig P238 Rainbow, a Kimber Micro Bel Air and a Kimber Micro CDP LG.
They are all very reliable and comfortable for her to shoot and all have the same manual arms. The 380 caliber seems to be her perfect size. I also bought her last summer a Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380. When we're out camping we carry our Tupperware guns because they are cheaper and less apt to be damaged by the elements if they're exposed. Her favorite carry gun is her Sig Rainbow but she is warming up to the CDP. The Bel Air stays at home in a secret drawer. She does not carry the Smith and Wesson except when we're out camping because it has a longer heavier double action type trigger which she is not very accurate with. They are all very reliable and comfortable to carry firearms and three of them are really good looking. Good luck with your choice. Or buy one of each. 😀
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I don't yet have a Micro, just got a Micro 9 and really like it.

I currently have a G42 and a P380. I have pocket carried the G42 for the last year. I shoot it as well as any gun I own out to about 15 yds. The P380 is my pocket gun when I am wearing slacks or something pant wise that won't accommodate the G42. The P380 has been very reliable as has the Glock, its long revolver like trigger and reset make it a challenge to shoot fast and accurately. As a get off me gun, it is excellent.

I carry Underwood +P 90gr XTP, about 1150fps from my OEM Glock 42 varrel, 1200fps from my Alpha Wolf barrel, which is my G42 carry barrel. The diminutive P380 still delivers pretty amazing velocity from these loads at over 1100fps.
My wife and I both have the Sig P238 and the P938. Love the guns, we have shot a lot of different types of ammo and have not one problem out of the box. These are the guns that we carry and trust out lifes with.
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