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Took my micro 380 to the range today after getting it back from Kimber for ejection issues. Shot four different brands of ammo with it without a single malfunction and I couldn't be happier with it. It really is a sweet little pistol and is definitely my favorite of the little pocket guns which I have shot quite a few. Kimber did the following extractor adjusted, barrel reamed and polished, ejector and sear pin replaced, slide stop spring replaced, and recoil spring replaced. They then test fired 3 mags of buffalo 95gr, and 1 mag of Hornady 90gr jhp. One thing I found interesting was that they didn't clean it afterwards so I was able to see how much they lubricated it ( which was quite a bit compared to what I'm use to). I then cleaned it and lubed it as they did before I took it out. On a side note I stopped at a local gun store on the way to the range and discovered they had bought a 1978 s&w model 17 6 inch last night in mint condition. So long story short I ended up testing two guns today 😀
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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