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More Toys!!

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I just received and installed the Wilson Combat #651 Flat Wire Recoil Spring Kit for my Pro Carry II. The installation was quick and easy. I was surprised to find that pulling back the slide actually seemed lighter than with the factory spring!!:eek::eek: Oddly enough, when the slide is released, it seems to jump forward with more authority than the factory spring. Go figure!!??:confused::confused:

Going to the range tomorrow to check it out. Will update this post afterwords. Really hoping that the performance improvement will be worth the $50 cost of the kit. If it lives up to other members posts, I will be doing the happy dance this time tomorrow!!!:D:D

I also picked up a couple of Chip McCormick stainless 8 rd magazines. They have always been good to me. They will get in on the range workout also.
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I've been running 2 of them for a couple of years now, you're going to love it.
Nice shooting Lineman73.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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