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More Toys!!

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I just received and installed the Wilson Combat #651 Flat Wire Recoil Spring Kit for my Pro Carry II. The installation was quick and easy. I was surprised to find that pulling back the slide actually seemed lighter than with the factory spring!!:eek::eek: Oddly enough, when the slide is released, it seems to jump forward with more authority than the factory spring. Go figure!!??:confused::confused:

Going to the range tomorrow to check it out. Will update this post afterwords. Really hoping that the performance improvement will be worth the $50 cost of the kit. If it lives up to other members posts, I will be doing the happy dance this time tomorrow!!!:D:D

I also picked up a couple of Chip McCormick stainless 8 rd magazines. They have always been good to me. They will get in on the range workout also.
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Let's all go to Alaska and visit Byrdman.

I've been to Anchorage and Fairbanks. You someplace different? (let's not turn this into a hijack, it's just an inquiry)
I'm game, if you are. Have been there twice when my son was stationed at Ft Wainwright. Absolutely beautiful country!! Let's do it!!

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Water Plant Vertebrate Natural landscape Fluvial landforms of streams
<---- MOOSE!!!!
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Range Time!!

Well, I did the range thing today!! I sent a box full of Federal's American Eagle 230 grain FMJ's down the range. I only encountered 2 FTF this time. I examined both rounds before re-chambering and firing them. Both had a rough burr edge on the mouth of the cases. I blame the ammo for that, not the pistol or magazinesl.

If I throw out those two hang ups, I had a great day at the range!! The new Wilson Combat Flat Wire Spring Kit did an admirable job and the new Chip McCormick mags functioned well also. I threw a few flyers, but I wasn't really concentrating, just putting rounds through the gun. Photo of target attached:
Wood Trigger Gun barrel Air gun Pattern

I have 125 rounds through the pistol now and the performance and reliability keep improving. I think this one will be a SHOOTER!!!!!
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Just For Fun!!!

That's a pretty tight group in the center. Good shooting.
Not bad for a fat, half blind, old, ex-Lineman!!!
You said you've got 125 rounds through it. I can't keep up with everybody. Is that 125 total or 125 on the Wilson spring kit?
That is 125 total through the PC II and 50 with the Wilson spring. Like I said, I think this one will be a shooter!!! :cool::cool:
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