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It is here. I am just waiting for my FFL to let me know I can come get it.

So what, if anything, is needed for a new Kimber? Do you need to clean and oil before firing or what?

Sounds like I need to plan on getting a couple Wilson Combat mags. Is it any of the 1911 mags or is it certain versions, etc?

Looking forward to some great discussions here on :)

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Congratulations on the new Master Carry, check out page 26-27 of the owners manual.

Break In Period

Before firing the pistol for the first time, Field Strip
and clean the firearm following proper procedures
LUBRICATION and ASSEMBLY Instructions in this
Manual).Kimbers firearms are quality custom
pieces. Our firearms are hand fitted to tight
tolerances. For proper Break-in of the firearm
shoot 400-500 rounds of Quality Factory Ball
(230g. FMJ). Ammunition, cleaning and lubricating
the gun every 100-150 rounds.
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