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NASCAR "Food City 500"

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It looks like today's race is going to be rained out, NASCAR said if it was they were going to run it on Monday at noon. Anybody here that lives around Bristol Tennessee have a local weather report?
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Short track races bore me to death.
I used to feel the same way until they started regulating the big tracks to death. You just know they're going to be some bent fenders and lost tempers at Bristol.

Boys have at it.
Things aren't looking too good right now, I'm starting to have my doubts about it happening tonight.
Bah, these guys need to grow a pair, put some rain tires on and go for it.
Surprise, surprise it looks like this race is going to run the full 500, 20 laps to go.
What did you think of that caution light coming on with 3 laps to go for no reason?
I'm just glad they got it in yesterday, I hate it when the have to run them on Monday.
1 - 8 of 12 Posts
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