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need a rear site

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Hello I just traded an engine block for a kimber solo from a guy I race with. The solo is missing the rear site. He said something about trying to remove the site as he was going to ad night sites to it. He said he could not get the rear site off and finally went after it with a big cold chisel. Then for what ever reason it set for a year and a half and he never ordered the night sites. He says now he can't find the night sites, every place shows them out of stock. He needed the engine block and I always thought the solo was the coolest looking gun I ever saw. So now I just need to find a rear site and I can then try shooting it.

So has anyone replaced their standard sites with night sites and have the old rear site they could sell me? PM me or email me at ncwonline at gmail.

I don't really care so much about night sites, if I end up liking the way this gun shoots I want to get a laser grip for it. I suppose if no one has any standard take off sights, I may end up ordering night sites just to have sites on it. I see they seem to be for sale direct form kimber. Don't know why my buddy did not get them from kimber but I am glad I ended up with this gun. I hear the solo kicks pretty good but I'm not worried, I have a long history with large powerful pistols [44 mag, 357 mag, glock 40] and I have a keltec PF9 and I shoot that just fine. So, I am not worried at all about the solo, I'll handle it just fine.

I will make another post in this thread, or edit this post if I manage to find a standard rear site. So, if there is no post from me stating I now have a rear site, I still need one so contact me if you can help.

I do not want to spend 130+ on night sites when I can put that money toward the laser later.

Thanks, bob
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Just ordered one from kimber, $46.75 with shipping.

I was really hoping for around 30 bucks but what the heck.

Least I'll have it and be able to shoot the gun sooner rather then later.

Keep in touch and let us know how it works out for you.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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