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New concealed carry rig

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In honor of renewing my CHL I ordered a new carry rig. Matching gun belt, holster, and mag pouch. Getting it from Wild Bills concealment. Semi custom made stuff. Can't wait until it gets here!
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If we could access KimberTalk via Tapatalk we could upload pics easily. (hint)
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Really don't believe this. I ordered this rig on Monday. Today the order status went from pending to shipped but no tracking info. The mail lady was just at my door. Guess what's here and looking good! Anybody know how to get pictures from a smart phone to here?
email the photo to yourself and receive it to your computer.
Somebody teach me how to get pictures from my phone to here and I will!
Speak with the Man Behind the Curtain for KimberTalk and have mobility turned on so we can use Tapatalk. Once we have Tapatalk access, uploading a pic is no biggie.

You could not email from your phone to your computer?
Chuck, smart phones are not phones. They are very small computers that also allow you to have a conversation, wirelessly, with other people.
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