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New guy from the free state of TN

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I have several types of firearms but have grown fond of 1911's over the years. A few months back I came upon a very nice (pristine) Royal Carry and had to have it. It shoots great and is a pleasure to carry, but it isn't exactly as small as I need for my lifestyle. A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across a new Solo. Having never handled one before, it was love at first now it's mine. I'll post more info about the Solo in the Solo Forum, but let me just tell you it works. I am one who shoots a lot (I am privileged to own land in a rural part of the state)...this is no safe queen. Honestly I had never been impressed with the Kimbers that I had been around in the past, but these two are beginning to sway my opinion.

Look forward to future discussions and as always...aim straight!
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Welcome from Ohio. Be safe.
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