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Hi all, looks like a great community to be part of. Like some other folks that I saw intraduce themselves, I’m an old Army guy that first learned to love the 1911 in Basic Training (1985, if you’re keeping score). I was a Tank Crewman, serving in 11th ACR, 1st AD, 9th ID, I Corps, and 24th ID over the years. Our primary personal weapon was the M1911A1, which was eventually replaced by the M9 (basically a Beretta 92FS).

Ever since then, I’ve owned at least one 1911, including a Colt and a Ruger. Love the Ruger SR1911. About 6 months ago, I bought my first Kimber. My wife has decided to adopt her own pistol, a Sig P320 X-Carry RXP (essentially the same as the setup adopted by a couple different special ops units). Between that event and ammo prices, I decided to see if I could get us both shooting 9mm for our primary defensive guns. After a bunch of looking, I settled on a Kimber Custom LW “Night Patrol” chambered in 9mm.

I gotta say, this is a truly beautiful 1911. And I love shooting a 9mm 1911. The trigger is even better than the Ruger (that’s saying something). In the 1700 rounds I have so far put through it, I have not a fail to feed, fail to fire, or fail to eject. No stovepipes, no mis-chambers, nothing. Last trip to the range was yesterday And everything was in the X ring. For carry, I have Wilson Combat mags and Norma’s MHP.

Other hobbies include grilling and smoking, traveling with my wife and kids, hanging out in the backyard, and reading …. Especially political/military thrillers (currently hooked on Jack Carr’s stuff), Science Fiction (especially military sci fi), and Fantasy (preferably older stuff like Tolkien wrote).

Figured I’d thrown in a couple pics of the Kimber

View attachment 130981

Kimber and my Sig P365XL (just picked it up) …. Plus a couple of the holsters I’ve played with
View attachment 130984

My wife’s P320, my P365XL and my Kimber, all managing to hang out peacefully, not shooting anyone.
View attachment 130983

Man she’s pretty
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Welcome from Northern Indiana enjoy the conversation,.
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