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New Kimber 1911 Forum Section!

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We're happy to announce a new forum section aimed specifically at all Kimber 1911 models, including Custom II, Covert II, Gold Match II, Aegis II, Compact II, Pro Carry II, CDP II, Ultra Carry II, Raptor II, Crimson Carry II, Super Carry, Tactical II, Custom Shop, Eclipse II.
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I have two .45s from the custom shop. Ultra Carry II and Super Target II. Both well made and accurate. Test target that came with the Super Target shot at 25 yards had five shots and the OUTSIDE edges measured 1 3/8 inches.

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I only have the 1 Kimber 1911, a Custom Classic which is stamped Clackamas Oregon not Yonkers New York. So does that make it a I instead of a II?
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Crimson laser sights on Ultra II SS

Has anyone added these laser sights grips to the ultra carry and if so what were your experiences.
Has anyone added these laser sights grips to the ultra carry and if so what were your experiences.
I did not, but someone I shoot with bought his with the Crimson Trace laser sight. He loves it. Creates a really bright red dot and bullets seem to go where laser points. For self defense it might work...although folks really need to learn to use sights. Sights never have a issue with a dead battery :)
Ultra Eclipse II

I agree with Chip on learning to shoot, but there may be times a laser would be warranted. I am thinking about one myself.
Also trying to find out more about the Ultra Eclipse II, it's also marked "custom shop" made in Yonkers.
Thanks for any help
Doc B
Crimson Trace

I have them on several 38 revolvers. They are great and at night in a self defense situation they would be amazing. I have old eyes "43" and hate the night sites on my Kimber . I can't see them. When I shoot at the range with the 38's I check to make sure the laser are hitting where they are supposed to then tape them up. Practice with the open sights. When practicing with the laser it does show when you wiggle or flinch and it is great for dryfire practice to perfect you trigger pull.
Has anyone added these laser sights grips to the ultra carry and if so what were your experiences.
I have the Ultra Crimson Carry II , and the laser grips are great. Their most practical feature is to study how pulling the trigger affects your shot at distance. Their most important feature is during a self defense situation, as they will aid you when your adrenaline is up. Regardless, practice with open sights.
I have two kimbers. A classic stainless ( my baby ) and a stainless pro carry tle/rl. Both are amaizing guns. Highly accurate, reliable and just plan fun to shoot. Cant wait to buy another.
Im new to the kimber form i have 2 kimber 45s both good shooters now im thinking about one in 38 super does any one have one or know any thing about them how well they shoot how hot u can load them thanks for the help
Broken MIM ambidextrous safety on Tactical HD. Advice?

I have a broken MIM safety on my Tactical HD, any advice?
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