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New Kimber is rusting already

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Help. Just bought my first Kimber:) But the gun is rusting already. I bought it just few days ago and the barrel is rusted. I haven't shot it yet. I brought the gun back to my LGS and complained about the rust on a new gun, but the salesman told me that it's common for Kimbers to rust, even new ones. Why is this and what can I do to stop it? Will sending it back to Kimber for them to remove the rust fix the problem?
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Hello and welcome. I bought my Kimber Super Carry Custom HD. There are a few reasons I bought the particular model other than its looks and ambi controls. I've heard that some of the newly produced kimber barrels rust fast. Well That is why I did the kind of research I did and found an all stainless gun. If you look on the Kimber site you'll learn that the listings describe which firearms are made of what. Most of the custom II barrels are "steel". That's carbon steel to be exact. Of course you must consider the environment you are in, but it is true that after shooting and not cleaning and lubing properly the barrel, it can rust due to the materials used to make the barrel and the elements provided by nature, "salt in the air" such as near the coast. Try Eezox. The fact is, when demand was increased by panic buying, the manufactures had to come up with ways to keep up. Well, carbon steel is easier to mill than stainless steel, is the story I got. My suggestion is, don't be discouraged. Buy a SS barrel if you can. Kimbers are worth the extra cash if you look at the other elements going into the firearm as its made.
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I'm trying this Eezox gun care stuff and I'm getting the impression it's unbeatable. I tried frog lube for a short time, but the Eezox is noticeably more penetrating and very slick, like grease. It's outrageously expensive so I thought it must be good. Anybody else hear of this product before?

I'm using it on some Damascus made knives and it seems good there too. If they don't rust, nothing will. I'm also contemplating using it on my table saw and other tools in the basement.

And just for the record. A/C should reduce moisture content if not eliminate it.
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