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glad to find a Kimber forum.

I got good news and bad news.

own a Grand Raptor II , and just love the firearm . looks and function are flawless.

but that is not the reason I sought out a Kimber forum..

I also own a Solo.. and now for the bad news..

failure to fire ,,, extreme difficulty in depressing the mag release button.

I can work with the mag release .. the failure to fire is a problem..

I keep getting light striker . the primer has a slight indent , but the gun goes click , not bang.

I have contacted Kimber ( great service so far ) this is the 5th return , the third return was corrected by Kimber sending a brand new Solo,, which was returned for the : FTE . FTF . mag release problem..

upon getting the second Solo back, the gun ran flawless, 580 rounds, which then qualified the Solo as a carry .. the mag release is still way too tight.

then pulled the Solo while at range to run a couple of rounds thru,, click.

any one have any knowledge of the corrective action for the light stiker failure to fire ? help ....
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