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New Member in Colorado

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I'm a new Kimber owner of a Super Carry Pro HD. Still working thru some minor break-in issues with the Super Carry, but so far I LOVE IT!

My husband & I have a few other handguns (mostly Sigs).

I live in beautiful CO where I truly enjoy the mountains as often as I can.
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Chickadee, welcome to the site from Tennessee! Congrats on your new Super Carry.
Welcome from flat Ohio!
Welcome to the site!

My good friend shoots Sig. He had a Sig .40 when we went shooting together last month. He shot my kimber 1911 a few times, and now owns a Sig 1911 & a Sig 1911-22.

I hope they work out for him, but glad at least the 1911 bug bit him :)
Welcome to the forum from Ohio!!
Welcome from Florida Sigs and Kimbers can't beat them.
Welcome Chickadee!

I have a SCP H-D too, a great gun, I am used to Ultras but its great shooter, enjoy!
Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois Chickadee.
Welcome from NY. and congrats on your new Kimber...
Hey Ya'll!

Welcome to the forum from beautiful downtown Monroe, Georgia!!!
Sky Water Water tower Tower Font

Enjoy that new Super Carry! Shoot the day lights out of it and send us pictures and a range report!!! Be safe!!!;););)
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Hello Chickadee. My name is PorscheVille and I am a kimberaholic. There, I said it. I have a Stainless Pro Carry II that I have put 2000 rounds through since Christmas and I just bought a Kimber Royal II last night. But enough about my addiction. Welcome to the Kimber Forum. Everybody here is really helpful, really nice, super smart and fairly good looking too. We like pics, so post 'em if you got 'em. :cool:


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