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Just acquired my first 1911, Kimber Pro Crimson Carry II, in a gun trade. Really impressed for this is my first 45ACP as well. I also an a Glock fan but could see how I might be converted. My EDC up to this point has been a Glock 19 but the comfort of the 1911 has me reconsidering.

Thanks for all the great reads here on the forum
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There are a lot of fine weapons out there today. Many have some really great qualities. But every single one of them can be traced back to John Moses Browning. If you look at the other ones, something from the 1911 or the P-35, (Browning Hi Power), is in there.
While the 1911 wasn't the first auto loader handgun, it and it's younger brother are the only ones that can make that claim.

Preaching over. Welcome to the group. I just wanted you to know why you are about to fall in love with a mechanical device. And, maybe, why you used to think the Glock was so good. :)
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