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I'm a new member to this website as well as to the kimber gun family. I own numerous guns to include quite few 1911's from various brand names, but always wanted to own a Kimber model since they are a very well recognized manufacture. I purchased the Pro Raptor II but recently I have been reading on kimber reviews and have been quite in disbelief to see so many negative comments on kimber guns from manufacture defects to very weak parts and so on to the use of MIM parts. MIM parts does not bothers me as many weapons factories use them on assembly lines. My question here as a new kimber owner is: did I purchased an outstanding piece that I can enjoy as far as home defense,conceal carry, and target shooting? or a $1,200.00 paper weight based on different forums opinions. Your suggestions or comments will be appreciated. Thank you.

welcome to the forum, you exp mirrors mine as i purchased my first kimber about 6mos ago. in my opinion sir, no matter what gun you buy there are going to be people to talk down about them. kimber makes a exelent 1911. i purchased a base line kimber the custom2 and i have about 700 rounds through it. it is a very accurate gun and very reliable. 1911,s are like cars some love ford, some love chevy, and even mopar lol. break it in good and it will last you a lifetime:D
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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