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Night sights

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Bought my new kimber two weeks ago put about 300 rounds through it. I'm in love with the gun not one hang up yet, however it is going to be my new carry gun and I want to put night sights on it. I would like suggestions, the only thing I don't like is the black on black sights. Ultra carry II
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Meprolight seems to get pretty consistent good reviews.
Purchased a Kimber Pro CDP II a month ago it has the Meprolight standard. Have not shoot at night, but with the lights off they seem very nice. If I were to buy another gun for ccw it would have the Meprolight sites.
My CDPII came with Meprolights. Part number ML11212.
These are mine...

in the dark on my Ultra Raptor 2. Tactical Wedge Tritium night sights, fixed. They are very nice and bright, the picture doesn't do it justice, just wanted to show you.


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I put a big dot sight from xs systems on my M&P Shield and I love it. Will probably put one on my new Ultra Carry even though it has laser sights.
Replaced my standard iron sights on my Custom II stainless with Meprolights. Picked them up on eBay for around $100. Another $45 for the gunsmith to install. Very happy so far as these are the same sights as on my Solo SCP and my Super Carry Pro
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