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gotta looking at my sear to hammer face because it just didn't feel like my other 1911's. It was a perfectly flat face to face fit,(neutral)which I expected because that was the method used that I'd read about and never cared for.Then one day I read that it should have an angle thats negative for a lighter trigger pull and still safe...which when u look at the sears face the top leading edge overhangs or extends slightly past the leading edge of it's lower face edge up against the hammer forks.All my other 1911's are factory done this way and have a nicer trigger I changed my Kimber sear face a few degrees and it's much better now, not quite as good as my S/A or S&W E series but acceptable...measures 3 lbs. 12 ozs.
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I leave adjustments of a sear to a good gunsmith, as you change the angle of the sear it will lighten the trigger pull but at a point the gun will go full auto and you can't stop it then you buy a new sear but it has to be fitted to your gun.
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