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Question about recoil springs

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I was just looking at the Kimber 2013 catalog and I am puzzled about the recoil spring weight. Maybe some one can enlighten me.

In particular I was looking at the Super Carry Models. I noticed that the Custom 5 inch barrel used a 16 pound spring, the Ultra and Ultra plus 3 inch use the 18 pound spring and the 4 inch Pro 's uses the 22 pound spring.

If the Custom functions with the 16 and the Ultras with the 18, why go to a 22 on the 4 inch Pros.

Why wouldn't the shorter cycling 3 inch use a greater spring weight?:confused:
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Not really an apples to apples comparison as the ultra runs a dual spring recoil system. I started a thread about 1911 springs here that might help to understand more too.
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