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Question about recoil springs

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I was just looking at the Kimber 2013 catalog and I am puzzled about the recoil spring weight. Maybe some one can enlighten me.

In particular I was looking at the Super Carry Models. I noticed that the Custom 5 inch barrel used a 16 pound spring, the Ultra and Ultra plus 3 inch use the 18 pound spring and the 4 inch Pro 's uses the 22 pound spring.

If the Custom functions with the 16 and the Ultras with the 18, why go to a 22 on the 4 inch Pros.

Why wouldn't the shorter cycling 3 inch use a greater spring weight?:confused:
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You would have direct the question to Kimber for a definitive answer. But, I believe it is in the name of the gun. At least, in the name of The Pro Carry. I think the heavier spring is there to reduce felt recoil and aid in returning the barrel to firing point in the least amount of time.
Anyone else have a better/another conclusion?
It may not be a direct comparison and Kimber may agree they are different playing fields, but the measurement applied, at least to their advertising department, is the same and unless one is getting into the nits and picks of the dual spring system, for the average conversation, the standard replies regarding recoil and ejection still apply.
I'm not trying to make an argument where there isn't one, just pointing out that Kimber themselves look at it from two different perspectives and 16 pounds, whether one spring or two, is still 16 pounds.
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