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Range (ammo) Report

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I'm just back from the range where I went primarily to test out some Freedom Munitions .380 reloads in my Sig P238 and I brought along a couple of my Kimbers. I was pretty confident that the .380's were going to be trouble free and I wasn't disappointed. I warmed up the Sig P238 with a box of WWB 95 gr then shot 100 rounds of the FM 100 gr .380. The Freedom Munitions ammo definitely had more pop, I'm really liking it. The Sig is starting to come around and loosen up a little.

I also brought 2 boxes of FM 230 gr .45's and 2 of my Kimbers that as usual ran flawlessly. All together I ran through 250 rounds without a problem unless you consider having to clean 3 guns a problem.
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A friend told me about freedom munitions today...:)
And who might that be?
I doubt if it was anyone on the forum, I don't think anyone here knows about the stuff.
As my dear departed mother used to say, " Heaven forbid".:)
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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