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Range Report #2 SCHD

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Visited the range this morning with my Super Carry & also my P238. Kimber is still having some issues with the slide not moving fully forward when chambering the first round off a full mag. The Wilson Combat mag seems to have the most trouble. Overall there were 10 FTF & 2 FTE (both stovepipes) with 100 rounds fired.
Only 1 FTF was not related to chambering the first round.
Including today, I have 450 rounds through it now.

Following advice of several others, I keep both mags fully loaded between range trips (loaded them a couple days ago).

Seems likely I'll be calling Kimber soon....


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Not a bad thought. So far it's all been Federal - bought a case of it on sale awhile back. Next time out I'll try a couple different brands to see if it has a preference.
Amazing. Federal is considered top shelf ammo by many. Then consider PMC runs like a beast in all my guns. I would grab a few different boxes a try before sending it back as well. Good luck!
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