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Ruger Super Redhawk 10mm

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I picked up this gem. This will be my 1st scoped handgun. 10mm with a 6.5 inch barrel. It came with 13 moon clips. Here it is with a comparison with my snub nose 357.
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Nice. I have the 454 Redhawk Alaskan. No scope since it's the snub. I bought it used from an older guy who told me it was his bear gun but due to his health he was done with camping and hunting. It was pristeen and not shot much like most big bore wheel guns. I was advised to not buy it even though the asking price was the bargain of the century. People said I would never shoot it. They were right. But I still like it. Quite literally a hand cannon. I have one other Ruger wheel gun in 357. Solidly made, no nonsense revolvers. I don't shoot that one much either but I like having both of them.

I do a lot of hiking. Mostly day trips and often on some difficult and remote mountain trails. I carry a Glock 20 as my 10mm bear repellent. It's super reliable and the capacity is nice to have. On the other hand, a large bore revolver is fine for addressing an angry bear. If anyone needs more than six rounds of 10mm (or 460 or 454) then maybe it's a good idea to only camp in the back yard. :)
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Summers in Maine, I saw a lot of bears and moose. Not too many people die from a moose attack but they are injured all the time. It's way more common than bear attacks. No big cats in Maine or anywhere in the northeast that I am aware of.

Now that I am in north central NC, there are fewer bears than I expected. I have yet to encounter one on a trail. Lots of deer though. A good sized buck can kill you if it decides to, so I'm always ready. But the odds are staggering that it will happen. You are much more likely to be killed by a drunk deer hunter. :)
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I went hog hunting near Abilene, TX. It was a fun weekend. But not much of a challenge. Very organized. Not really hunting. I did have some fun with a AR 10 I customized just for hog hunting at night. The food was awesome. Cold beer and good booze after the hunt.

Roger that on a moose. They are big and mean as shit. When I was 13 or so I had a chance encounter with a big bull at the family cabin (cottage) near Skowhegan. Mating season, probably females around. I didnt know any better. He started making those wierd sounds like a lion's roar and snorting then charged me. I never ran so fast in my life. I ducked into a nearby groove of pine trees that were so close together I could dodge him. The chase didnt last long. He made his point and left. Scared the shit out of me.

I'm not that far from Boone. I know where it is but never been there. Hour and half drive from my shack in the sticks near Mt. Airy. I have done some hiking in the Cherokee Nat'l Park.
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I spent my senior year and graduated high school in Boone NC.
I spent a good amount of time on and off the AT.
I never saw a bear either, but they are there.

I would be more worried about Moose in Maine than a Bear. A pissed off Moose is no joke and will stomp you out.

Down here in south Ga, wild hogs are a real concern.
They aren't like those little 200lb Texas piggies. They get north of 700 lbs here and a mad sow will eat you if she thinks you are a threat to her piglets.
I spent some time clinging to a tree branch once, and Now I keep a handgun with me every time I'm in the woods.
What do you do with a 700 lb carcass out in the middle of nowhere? I've seen hogs and deer dressed but nothing that heavy.

I haven't been deer hunting for years. I learned the whole field to table routine as a teenager. The last few times I took the deer to a processor who packaged up the meat for me. Must be 15 years now since the last time. The older I get the less I like being cold and wet. I buy meat from the local butcher and Kroger. I was an active wing shooter for many years but now I just do clays. For the same reason. I do buy chicken and eggs from a small family operation near me. Nothing beats fresh eggs.

I tried to convince my wife to take on chickens, I would put up the coop but she would have to take care of them because I can't stand them. :) No dice.
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My buddy owns the local meat market, so we just field dress deer and drop them off.
Last year I had 187lbs of deer sausage made up. 😁
I'll end up giving half of it away, and eating the rest.
My deer hunting buddy since we were kids got crippled up with rheumatoid arthritis at a young age and can't do it anymore. I went alone the last coupe of times and had to do all the work. I also ended up with a ton of sausage and gave a lot away. The steaks I prefer to marinate and grill. I also made more jerky than I could eat and gave a lot of that away too. My grandfather's recipe. It was really good. The very last time I went deer hunting I donated the meat to Hunters for the Hungry. It's nice to know how to unzip a buck to put meat on the table but it's just no fun anymore so I gave it up.
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