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Shot Count Books

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I've been wondering if anyone besides myself keeps shot count books but have put off asking until I saw it mentioned in another thread yesterday. I used to keep small notebooks in my range bag but I don't actually keep books anymore, now I keep the information on my computer. I track the number of rounds fired, the brand and type ammo and magazines I used. I've got 13 mags and they're all marked so I can tell them apart. If I have a hiccup like a FTE or any other problem I make a note of it so I can see if a problem is developing. This makes knowing when preventive maintenance is due, like spring replacement before I start having problems. How many rounds do you have left on your recoil spring or firing pin and mainspring, I know exactly where I'm at on each of my guns.
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I have never felt the need to keep shot records for any of my guns. Even when shooting competitively. I know my Browning has well over 25,000 through it. I have replaced the barrel but it was not any fault of the gun.
Frankly, I'd be very disappointed if any gun, in the price range of the Kimbers, could be fired into a rebuild. I know the factory makes recommendations, just not my method. I guess I'll have to be very aware of the gun.
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