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So far I like it.
Here's the thing..
I'm not really excited about it.
But, if it performs like everyone says, I'm sure I'll warm up to it.

It's tight.
No wobbles or anything.
Feeds the first round kinda strangely on a full mag, but that might work itself out with a few rounds.

I like that it's thin, it feels good and fits my hand well, but then again I don't like that it's thin, and it feels weird.

I'm willing to give it some time, and maybe swap into a new grip module.

I Love the optic.
407k Holosun with shake awake. 50k hours om setting 6. Rear notch for using irons.
Well worth $150.
I put a Hogue Hand all on mine to increase the grip width and it worked out great. Mine shoots to point of aim. It ejects spent casings to the same spot everytime. I could probably set a bucket down and catch all of them. The flat trigger is Shield Plus is nicer. I'm pretty sure you're going to enjoy it. We'll be waiting on a range report.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts