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Just picked up a 365xl with a Holosun optic to slip into the carry rotation.
I wanted an optic on a carry sized gun.
I've heard a ton of good things about this gun from friends that carry them, and read countless posts from members here that love them.
I like the capacity in such a thin package, and the options available to use thicker grip frames.

Trigger is very nice, but the Mako has a better trigger.
Magazine springs are stiff.
Like HK stiff.
I had problems loading 12 rounds, but after leaving them loaded overnight, and working them a little, they seem to be getting better.

Haven't had a chance to shoot it yet.

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You’ll like it buddy! Good,solid gun. Mine is very accurate and reliable with the factory night sights. Optics should make it even more consistent! ENJOY THE SNOT OUT OF IT!!!
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