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Like many others I had many issues trying to get my new Solo 9mm CDP to chamber from the magazine. I was using one of the recommended ammo, Hornady TAP FPD 9mm 124 gr. I have both the stock 6 and extended 8 magazines. Neither would chamber the first shell without a fight. The first shell almost always jammed in the magazine without chambering.

IF I was successful in get the first shell to chamber, most of the time the other shells would load properly, but 1 out of 10 would jam as well. After emptying the magazine with the slider locked back, I was never successful in swapping magazines and getting the first shell to chamber.

I sent my brand new gun back to Kimber to fix the issue. When I received my Solo back, the report said that they replaced a bunch of parts, and test fired three magazines successfully. I noticed that two of the three magazines were loaded with FMJs, and one with Hornady HPJs. I tried my Hornady TAP FPD 9mm 124 gr. in the returned Solo again and had the same horrible results. The first shell jammed in the magazine horizontally just before the loader slide.

I pulled out some Winchester White Box 9mm 115 gr FMJ's and tried them. They loaded and fired perfectly every time. When I compared the Winchester FMJ's with the Hornady FPDs, I noticed that the FDPs were substantially shorter and had a flat end. I realized the the length and shape of the FMJs would not allow them to jam in the magazine, they were too long and have a rounded end.

I don't want to use FMJs to perfect my family, so I looked at other hollow point brands to find a different shape. I found exactly what I needed with the Remington Golden Saber HPJ 9 mm. They are readily available in both 124 and 147 grain. I've used both and NEVER had an issue with them after shooting at least 400 rounds.

I've attached a photo to show you what i found: The top shell is a Winchester White Box FMJ 9mm 115 gr, the middle shell is a Hornady TAP FPD 9mm 124 gr., the bottom shell is a Remington Golden Saber HPJ 9 mm. The unique shape of the Golden Saber hollow point allows us Solo users to use a high performance hollow point for our defense needs.
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