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Something you might want to put on your Christmas list

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I did a little Christmas shopping for my son today. Went out to Cabela's and picked up a LaserLyte training .45 cartridge and training target. Well I got it home and wanted to see how well it worked so I carefully unwrapped everything and set it up. I chambered the cartridge in my Kimber Super Carry Pro and started shooting across the room (10') fired off 5 shots and got a nice tight group. Then I moved it into the next room and was shooting at 20' then down the hallway at 30'. The darn thing is great, I was having a ball, I'll bet I ripped off about close to 300 shots today. Talk about taking dry fire to the next level it's great. Now I have to go back to Cabela's and get another one for my son.

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The training cartridge and target are separate not a set. I got them on sale but the average prices seem to be $80.00 for the cartridge and $129.00 for the target.

To install the cartridge lock open the slide and manually chamber the cartridge, you have to give it a little push to fully seat it. There are two O-rings on the cartridge that hold it in the chamber. Now to cock the gun you can either thumb the hammer back or rack the slide, the training cartridge will not be ejected. When you're done playing I found the easiest way to remove the cartridge was to use a pencil, stick the eraser end down the barrel and give it a little push.

You don't need the target to have fun with this bad boy, the laser will let you know if you hit your target when snap shooting across the room.

When you shoot at the target a red dot will light up indicating where you hit. After firing multiple shots at the target hit the lower left hand dot labeled "display" and it will light up your group. A hit in to the lower right hand dot labeled "reset" will clear your hits and your ready to go again.

Training cartridges are available in .380, 9mm, 40SW and .45ACP.

Batteries ARE included with both items.
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I got this a while back for my 9mm. (Midway had them on sale) It works great. I have a Walther P99, so it doesn't need to be cocked each time and I can do rapid fire as well. It's a pretty cool toy.
I was beginning to think that I was the only toy nut on the forum, have you seen the new targets they recently came out with? They call them "Plinking Cans," hit them in the sweet spot and they topple over. These would work great with your Walther because you could hit them with rapid fire.
Just don't buy directly from LaserLyte, shop on the internet and you can get them much cheaper. Check out Amazon they carry LaserLyte products.
J&G sales has 5 sets left for $81.54 a set, they had 6 when I signed on LOL.
As of this morning J&G sales still has one set in stock for $81.54. That is the cheapest price I was able to find.
Sorry for not posting sooner, I've got 2 grandsons staying over this week and they're keeping me very busy. My LaserLyte plinking cans arrived Wednesday, I tried to set them up but the little shaft that pops out to topple the cans over kept activating by itself. I thought I had a defective set and it took a little bit of playing around before I realized it was the incandescent lighting in the house that was tripping them. I took them into another room with florescent lighting and that proved to be a little better. The bottom line is that they are light sensitive and once I understood that the problem was solved. These things are a hoot, I can't begin to tell you how much fun I've been having with the grand kids shooting at these cans. They've been ignoring the X-box ever since the LaserLyte targets arrived, who'd of ever thought that would happen. There is a real possibility I'm going to have to get another training cartridge so we can use a second gun at the same time.

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YOUR TEACKING KIDS TO SHOOT, that could be an arrestable offence in Illinois!
Be careful.........
Yeah, I have been known to change right thinking people into gun totting uncivilized meat eating nuts. When my son was dating his future wife she refused to come into my home because I owned guns. She almost quit dating my son when he told her he owned a gun and hunted animals. Today they are happily married, live in Michigan with their 4 children and she has a permit to carry her Glock.
It's a double win, not only do you get dry fire practice but your getting exercise by having to keep walking back and forth to reset the cans.
WOW, this is great, I can't believe how many of you have picked up on how much fun this thing is and how much cheap practice you can get in right in the comfort of your home. Even my grand kids who were just learning the basics of handgun shooting this summer had to be pried away from my .45's. I had to buy a second .45 insert so they could both shoot at the cans at the same time. LaserLyte should set me up with a second set of plinking cans for all the sales I generated on the forum, just kidding but I just might order a second set of plinking cans after Christmas.
F.Y.I., there is a nice review of the LaserLyte Plinking Cans on page 34 of the January issue of the American Rifleman.
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