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After reviewing all posts here and elsewhere and exchanging emails with Kimber support, I purchased two Kimber Speedloaders for my new K6s DC LG. (Needed speedloaders as some NRA courses require that you have 2)

Worked well, but I was used to a Speed Beez for my S&W 686 and it has a loading dock. I then purchased the loading dock sold on Kimber's website. Proceeded to load it and realized it does not work with 38 sp. wadcutters as they are too short. Came up with a fix. Now it will work with any ammo for this gun. Placed one drop of thin glue in the bottom of each indention. Dropped one bead into each. (These were beads I had on hand and were meant for jewelry making. Sometimes called seed beads (plastic) and you can purchase from craft or bead stores by the foot. THat's all you will need.) Other things could be used but I wanted something almost weightless.

Next, I wanted a case. Again Speed Beez supplies these but Kimber does not. I found one that would fit. Flambeau Tradesman 10 1/2" (26.67 cm) Black- with Convoluted Foam Lid & Diced Foam Base
Cost, including tax and delivery was under $20 for the case. See photos. Foam had to be cut of course for the dock and my two speed loaders. Easy, took 5 minutes.

Result look nice and works well.

Very happy with the K6s so far.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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