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Ok, so this is the 4th Springfield Loaded I bought this year.

The 1st was a CA compliant model which is at auction now. It needed a sight replacement (which Springfield did) but shot beautifully.

The 2nd is currently in my collection. Needed the engraving sanded down where the disconnector rides on the bottom of the slide. It ran great after that. Up to this point, shot the tightest 10 yard groups.

The 3rd I bought used, it never left the FFL and is currently being auctioned off. The seller intentionally took pictures that avoided showing slide damage. I could have fixed it but wasn’t up for it.

So here we are with #4. I got this thing home, racked the slide a few times to check for function. It was pretty tight fit. (Tighter than #2 above, and that one was pretty tight.) Then I sprayed some oil on the rails and was going to sit here and manually work the slide a bit before I completely tore it down for a cleaning. Nope! I racked it about 3 times them it locked up hard. Had to beat the damn slide off with the plastic end of a 1/2" ratchet. Went to rack it again, same deal. Nothing was bound. I disassembled everything I could while it was stuck, bushing guide rod, recoil spring, barrel was free. Safety was moving what little it could. grip safety appeared to be engaging. Only thing left is that the slide rails froze up. I beat it off again. Feeling a little glad I ordered the lapping compound when I did.

Only thing I could think of is that the slide fitment is just that tight. You can see inside the rail grooves where it scraped in on both sides.
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I did lap the rails with 220, 320 then 600 grit lapping compound. Ran 1 mag and they ran fine but the slide didn’t lock back.

Loaded that same mag again and it locked back the second time. Seems to be ok at the moment. Still feels like it couldn’t hurt to do another pass but at this point, I’m going to see how she runs.

Setup just like my other one.
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