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I just bought a Pro CDP II and ran about 300 rounds it and then...stovepipe. Factory full metal jacket too... I asked a friend who used to shoot competition matches with a 1911 and he said it could be a variety of things from ammo to ramp and throat. The ammo is good factory, it's been ramped and throated and no malfunctions until then. He told me that sometimes if your not holding the 1911('s) really tight, they have a tendency to sometimes stovepipe. Never heard of that. Anyone else?
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have you followed the break in procedure in the owners manual ? probally 500 round breakin ,clean and oil every 100 - 150 rounds. if you ran 300 through the gun it should have been cleaned and oiled at least twice. 300 on a new kimber ,no cleaning,1 stovepipe i think you have a good one.kimbers need well taken care of. if this helps post a reply as this advice has been given before but i have never read if it has helped , i'm sure other members would like to know also. good luck!!
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