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Hello Folks, I just started carrying this past year, Mainly a 380 Walther PPK. 21oz . I have another German PPK IN 32cal. I figured if Hitler shot himself with one, They can't be all that bad.
Anyway, i'm looking at getting a Kimber would like to know what you fine folks think of the Weight difference twix the super HD Ultra, Clocking in @ 31oz compared to the rapture ultra @ 25oz.
Being im used to these Walthers, and my AMT 45 Backup @25oz, I would like to know if the Super Carry Ultra [email protected] 31oz is a big drag on the belt, Or if its like a seatbelt that becomes a part of you. I'm looking at using a crossbreed iwb or better yet a waistbelt style. Dropping my drawers with a belt style hoster is a pain and i sure would not want to leave any A/hole tracks on the gun if it falls.
My other question would concern sights. The super carry looks like the yellow sights are more visible, than the rapture BUT, i'm only have been able to judge this based on internet window shopping.
Also are the 10g Grips thinner than the Rapture or standard Ultra. I have had the ultra carry 2 in my hand and thought it to be a tad bit thick do to the grips. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, John
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