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Tactical Custom II replace ambi safety

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I have a Tactical Custom II that I love shooting. Recently, the right side tab on the ambi safety got loose, so much so that I could not set it on or off from the right side. I finally got around to taking it apart and it turns out that the pin that mates with the left side safety has one side of the slot broken off. I'd like to replace it with an identical part, but the Kimber web site only shows the bobbed ambi safety for use with the Crimson Trace grips.

Anybody know if there are other sources for that part, and what the pros and cons of using a substitute part would be?
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I have exchanged parts on all of my various 1911's with Wilson Combat replacements. Even my Kimber, (extended slide release). I see no reason the Wilson products would not work.
Good deal!
Yes indeed. I have my little plastic bag of take-offs. Kimber is very clear about modifications. They say any mod invalidates the warranty. However, the Magnuson-Moss act, they refer to, requires them to PROVE the mod caused the problem.
That said, no reason to cause problems that aren't necessary.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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