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I just bought a super carry ultra II this weekend. I went straight to the range and fired 150 rds or so. I love this gun. It fits the hand perfectly and points just as well. I put 7 rds in the size of your fist at 15-20 yds. I was shooting rnd nose 230 ammo. No FTF at all. After that I began to shoot reloads (i was out of all the 45 cal ammo I could find) and the first 40-50 ran well, then I started to get occasional FTF. Bullet would go into chamber but would not close all the way to battery. My reloads had win 231 powder which is a fairly dirty powder and I chalked it up to a chamber that was fouled. At home after cleaning, I tried to hand cycle some hydro shok 230 JHP through it. With a fully loaded mag, the first round would not load by using the slide release. The bullet would hit about 1/3 way up on ramp and stick. I tried polishing it with car wax, as suggested here on another thread and this helped some but did not solve problem. If I started with 6 rounds or all rounds after the first when I loaded 7 fed fine. Gun shoots beautifully, Im just a little worried about using it for concealed.
BTW I own a Kahr PM9 and it is an AWESOME pocket gun for shorts, heat etc. 6 + 1 single stack 9mm that is very accurate with an excellent DOA trigger. I dont know if the solo is better, but I dont know how it could be!
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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